Thursday, January 15, 2015

Clarkesworld & Lightspeed

Clarkesworld 2014 Top 5

1) "The Meeker and the All-Seeing Eye" by Matthew Kressel
2) "Passage of Earth" by Michael Swanwick
3) "The Clockwork Soldier" by Ken Liu
4) "The Cuckoo" by Sean Williams
5) "Cameron Rhyder's Legs" by Matthew Kressel

Lightspeed 2014 Top 5 

1) The Kaslo Chronicles by Matthew Hughes
"His Elbow, Unkissed"
"Phalloon the Illimitable"
"The Ba of Phalloon"
"A Hole in the World"
"Under the Scab"
"Enter Saunterance"
2) "The Herd" by Steve Hockensmith
3) "No Lonely Seafarer" by Sarah Pinsker
4) "Coma Kings" by Jessica Barber
5) "In the Dying Light, We Saw a Shape" by Jeremiah Tolbert